Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Reducing Stress Through Time Management

One of the common causes of stress is not being organized. Time management is the key to organize your work both at home and at the workplace, thus reducing the tendency of your being stressed up.  Prioritizing the most important job and writing down your duties and activities everyday is a better way to manage your time.

Keeping a diary, where you can list down your duties and objectives, can help you assess which duty must be done first and the estimated time you can accomplish each activity.

Scheduling And Listing

If you feel you are going to have another busy day either at home or at work, always write down your tasks. Indicating which task comes first and at what time it will done and following it strictly will allow you time to perform your other task. You must learn to prioritize to successfully beat stress.

On a daily basis pick the most important task and finish it first. Never put too many things in your list, this way, you are more likely to accomplish all your tasks for the day, this in turn will provide you the feeling of accomplishment and greater sense of control. 

Learn to delegate some of your tasks to co- works and family members especially when you have too many task to accomplish and little time to do so. By delegating, you can avoid stress from building up.

In the workplace, learn to say no especially when you find yourself in a situation where you cannot handle anymore task than you already have. Learn to ascertain your capabilities so as not to end up being stressed up.
Remember that you need time to rest and relax so that you can come back refreshed and revitalized. Include in your list work breaks and as much as possible things that would physically and mentally take you away from work. 
Finally, try not to make major decisions when you feel overworked or anxious  as they may be regrettable latter .

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