Wednesday, 14 September 2011

exercise and stress relief

 Focus on the health benefits of exercise has increased in recent time. There are so many ways exercise is beneficial to man and stress relief is one of them. Regular physical exercise is a very effective way to relieve stress. These are some of the ways exercise help in stress relief.

 Exercise enhances the production of endorphins thereby help to give your mood a natural boost. Endorphins are the brains feel good neurotransmitters.

 Engaging in regular exercise or any form of sports helps take your concentration away from any stress causing factor. You will focus on the very activity you are engaged in thereby helping you to forget about the day’s issues.
Exercise often involves others which make it an avenue to socialize. Apart from making you feel better, working out with others gives you a lot of motivation to work harder without having the feeling that you are working hard .

 Exercise energizes, motivate you and improve your mood to deal with the days challenges. It also helps you get sound sleep which is another way of to relieve stress.

Exercise is a very great way of stress relief as it helps you relax well and provide a kind of diversion from your source of stress. It also helps raise your energy level, boost your self esteem as well as boosting your immune system and general wellbeing. Fitting exercise into your day can be a way to deal with future stress.  

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